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Quick, efficient service. Good price. Read more
5 stars

Josef Brzozowski


I have been using Columbus for over 10 years, solely through there very navigatible and ea... Read more
5 stars

Belinda Mason

the best

This is the cheapest travel insurance ever and covered my wife when she was pregnate Read more
5 stars

Francesco Di angelo

Columbus Direct is rated 4 / 5 based on 50 Trustpilot customer reviews.


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Why Columbus Direct?

  • A trusted brand for more than 25 years
  • Travel insurance from Australia's specialists
  • Over 15 million travellers covered worldwide
  • Award-winning products and services
2013: Travel Insurance Intermediary of the year award by the ITIJ2011: Best Travel Insurance Provider award from the Personal Finance Awards 2012: Best Travel Insurance Provider award from the Your Money Direct AwardsBest Online Travel Insurance Provider award from the Your Money Direct Awards 

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