My Essential Pre-Trip To-Do List

In my early twenties I was invincible. When I travelled I was care-free and on occasion, don’t tell my mother, insurance free. These days, I wouldn’t jump on a domestic flight without insurance. Working in the travel insurance industry, I’ve had the benefit of learning not only from my own experiences but also from the experiences of the many travellers I get to speak to every day. One of the things I’ve learnt is that when it comes to making the most of a trip, preparation is key. Here are some of my best pre-trip travel hacks: 1. Take photos of your luggage and valuable items. In 2016 I trav... Read more

What were 2014’s biggest claims?

We all know that travel insurance is an essential part of any holiday - and although you’ll probably never need us, it’s good to know that we’ll protect you if the worst should happen. Last year, we insured half a million customers from 50 different countries, and most people enjoyed event-free trip... Read more

Chemmy Alcott shares her top tips on how to prepare for a skiing holiday

Going skiing soon? Lucky you - the season’s just started and there are plenty of resorts for you to get to grips with the white stuff. However, before you get too excited, remember the old mantra - if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Here's a brief guide to what you need to prepare for your... Read more

How to organise a group holiday without going mad

It normally happens after a boozy night out, and more often than not, it’s around Christmas. After your fifth glass of fizz, you embrace your friends and say, ‘Let’s go on holiday next year. It’ll be no fuss - I’ll organise it.’ You are rewarded with applause and loving smiles. So far, so good... Th... Read more

What travellers DON’T want for Christmas – and what to give them instead...

What do you buy that special someone who’s always jetting off to a far-flung destination? Tricky question, no? Buying presents for your nearest and dearest is always a struggle (will Grandma like her socks? Will Uncle Terry object to a cheeseboard for the third year running?), and travellers are no... Read more