By Cody Miller on 26 November 2015

Do you love tech gadgets, and also love to travel? Just in time for Xmas, we've found some perfect smart technology gift ideas, which make life easier for Aussie travellers. All of these are designed in Australia and have received coverage all over the world.

Combine your passion for travel and tech, or give the gift of practicality that these gadgets provide. With lots of options to choose from, including a smart pen, to smartphone charging, to global roaming and innovative music and tagging solutions, these are great Christmas presents for any traveller.

Australian designed gadgets for travellers infographic

1. Plan V Smartphone Charger

When you’re on the move, there isn't always an accessible place to charge your smartphone. The Plan V Charger, designed in Sydney by designer and engineer team Flintu, is a compact, waterproof and fail-safe smartphone charger. 

All this gadget requires is a 9 volt battery, which you can easily click onto the charging device. It folds and fits on a key ring, is made of durable materials and provides up to four hours talk time for your iPhone or Android device.  

The Plan V has gained more than 4000 backers on its Kickstarter campaign. At just $15 for the Android charger and $19 for the iPhone charger, these gadgets are selling fast. Find out more about the Plan V Charger here.  

2. Neo Smartpen

Do you like to keep a travel diary, or write things down? The Neo Smartpen is a nifty gadget which combines both. It uses the latest Bluetooth Light version to transfer anything you write down on paper to your smartphone, via the Neo Notes app.  

These pen gadgets are designed in the same shape and size as a traditional pen, with a sleek, ergonomic design. It’s also slim, light and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it bulking out your hand luggage.

The Neo Smartpen N2 is currently on sale for $139 in silver white or titan black. 

3. Uamp Headphone Amplifier

Like listening to music on your travels? It’s likely it’s on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, iPod, or MP3 player. 

Uamp is a bite-sized amplifier which fits in your coin pocket and provides high quality sound. Simply plug in this micro amp to any device with a 3.5 mm headphone output to increase the quality of your sound experience. 

Uamp, designed in Adelaide, has so far raised more than $300,000 AUD on backing campaigns via Kickstarter and Backit. Pledge an amount to pre-order in black or silver on Kickstarter

4. Strone:Home Global Roaming Solution

We all know that global roaming charges from Australian-based telcos are a rip-off. If you like to stay in touch via your phone with calls and texts, (without the bill shock), the Strone:Home gadget allows just that. 

It's a smart device which connects calls and text messages to and from your mobile number, via your sim card. It does this via an app for your Apple or Android device. Leave your SIM card at home while you are away, but stay in touch wherever you are. 

You can order a Strone:Home device for $135 USD online. It comes with the Strone:Home, an ethernet cable, charger and an international data sim.  

5. idtagit Smart Travel Tags

Don't be that traveller that loses something important! Sure, you might have travel insurance to cover baggage loss, valuables or personal property theft, but it might not get your actual stuff back. 

idtagit are Australian owned and based, who are "lost and found experts". These coded tags increase the chances of recovering your lost stuff via online tracking through the idtagit website

Just add one of these small tags to your belongings, and inn the unfortunate event that a tagged item is lost, the person who finds it can send a notification via the website. 

You can buy a 10 pack of smart tags for $29.

Looking for more ways to travel smart this Xmas or at any other time? Check out our smart traveller checklist infographic for more tips and recommendations.

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