By Trudi Mehew on 24 February 2015

We all take risks on holiday - it’s part of the fun. However, there are certain risks that all travellers should watch out for, as they definitely cross the line between ‘What a hoot!’ to ‘Hang on a minute - I’m not sure this is legit’. Here are some travel no-nos to bear in mind the next time you’re abroad to ensure that you stay happy, healthy and unharmed.

Unprotected sex: You’re on holiday, the sun is shining, you’ve met someone outrageously good looking. So far, so good. However, it’s not worth the risk to your health to have unprotected sex, even if the person you’re with claims to be, well, clean as a whistle. If you’re single and in the mood for mingling, take condoms with you, and don’t be tempted to go without.

Street food: Getting market food from a stall is one of the best ways of seeing how the locals live. It’s cheap, it’s tasty, and it’s a great way of getting more out of your day as you can eat on the go. However, always exercise caution. It’s a good rule of thumb to only eat where there are large queues of locals and where you can see the food being prepared; this way, you know a) the food has a good rep and b) it hasn’t been sitting around. Also, always trust your nose. If something smells bad, especially if it’s meat or fish based, avoid - and take veggie options wherever you can.

Meeting new ‘friends’: If you’re from a busy, hectic city and you find yourself in a country with a slower pace of life, it’s natural to find people more chatty and willing to help. However, beware of people that won’t leave your side, offer to pay for everything, or insist on showing you everything their location has to offer. These people often have an underhanded motive, and it may involve doing something illegal for them in exchange for their kindness. Obviously don’t miss opportunities to meet new people and have fun, but use your common sense; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware the booze: Full moon parties are great, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out, but beware purchasing and then consuming bucketloads of booze. Not only is the stuff on offer awesomely strong, but it’ll also put you at risk of being sick and/or passing out, which you definitely don’t want to do in a foreign country.

Walking alone after dark: You wouldn’t do this at home - why would you do this abroad? Even if you’re feeling bold after a few drinks (see the bulletpoint above) and you think the area you’re in has a good vibe, don’t risk it. Always, always takei a taxi - and try to avoid walking alone, if you can.

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