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Healthy eating habits from around the world

The smugness is everywhere - this is the month where it’s inescapable. All over Facebook and Twitter, people are decreeing the virtues of being sober. Livers are healing, bank balances are reviving, early nights are winning. We say - good luck to you all, but don’t spoil the benefits by gorging on l... Read more

The ultimate travel snacks for train plane bus or ferry trips

When you’re on the move and you get hungry, there’s nothing worse than stopping off at a garage and eventually picking up three chocolate bars in a panic, wolfing them down in a matter of minutes then hating yourself for the rest of the day. There are so many delicious travel-friendly foods availab... Read more

Guide to travelling with medical conditions

If your health is a factor when it comes to travel, you’re probably determined to manage your condition and carry on seeing the world - but you may have to make some changes. Following on the success of our article about travelling when you’re pregnant, we decided to look at what travelling with a ... Read more

The do's and don'ts of flying with children

Flying with children is and always will be a mixed bag. The main issue is their unpredictability; a previously-sleeping baby may decide they didn’t enjoy take-off much, and scream throughout the whole flight. A toddler who played up in the queue to board may be the world’s best flier. It’s hard for ... Read more

How to survive a long-haul flight

Even if you’re fairly relaxed about flying, the prospect of a long-haul flight can be worrying for plenty of people. Lack of space, noise, dodgy food and jet-lag can be enough to have anyone disembarking in a foul temper However, it doesn’t have to be this way - there are ways of dealing with the t... Read more

Why do we travel?

It’s the age-old question, and one even the most hardy traveller would be pushed to answer honestly. Why do we travel? Where does that inescapable urge to jump on a plane actually come from? Why are we so obsessed with finding new places, even when we’re content with where we live, our jobs, and our... Read more

Five risky tourist activities all travellers should watch out for

We all take risks on holiday - it’s part of the fun. However, there are certain risks that all travellers should watch out for, as they definitely cross the line between ‘What a hoot!’ to ‘Hang on a minute - I’m not sure this is legit’. Here are some travel no-nos to bear in mind the next time you’r... Read more

Basic navigational skills for travellers with an appetite for adventure

Here’s a scenario that you’ll all be familiar with. You get off the plane, you jump on the subway. You emerge, blinking, into the sunlight after falling asleep on the train and missing your stop. Where is Brixton? Is everyone in London so unfriendly? And, more importantly, you appear to be mil... Read more

Smart Traveller Australia Checklist

Will you be one of the 9.3 million Australians estimated to travel overseas in 2015? Consult this checklist and be a smart traveller. Overseas travel is an exciting time for all involved. Before you depart, there's some practical items you should take care of. Follow this pre-flight checklist to en... Read more

No more Bali Belly! How to prevent a tummy bug on your travels

We all know the symptoms; a few hours (or even a few minutes, if you’re really unlucky) after that tasty meal, you start to feel a bit cold and tired. You’ll head to bed, thinking you’ve caught the sun, and the rest is history. It mainly involves a lot of time in the toilet feeling pretty terrible. ... Read more

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