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What travellers DON’T want for Christmas – and what to give them instead...

What do you buy that special someone who’s always jetting off to a far-flung destination? Tricky question, no? Buying presents for your nearest and dearest is always a struggle (will Grandma like her socks? Will Uncle Terry object to a cheeseboard for the third year running?), and travellers are no... Read more

The ultimate travel snacks for train plane bus or ferry trips

When you’re on the move and you get hungry, there’s nothing worse than stopping off at a garage and eventually picking up three chocolate bars in a panic, wolfing them down in a matter of minutes then hating yourself for the rest of the day. There are so many delicious travel-friendly foods availab... Read more

Why do we travel?

It’s the age-old question, and one even the most hardy traveller would be pushed to answer honestly. Why do we travel? Where does that inescapable urge to jump on a plane actually come from? Why are we so obsessed with finding new places, even when we’re content with where we live, our jobs, and our... Read more

Does travel make children globally aware?

If you and your partner were globetrotters before you decided to start a family, or even if you’re deciding to up sticks and see the world with your children, there’s nothing stopping you. The world is a far more flexible place these days; competitive flight prices, understanding bosses and renting ... Read more

Are Aussies becoming more savvy when it comes to buying travel insurance?

Has a government guide influenced how and when we buy insurance? The answer could well be ‘yes’. According to, the launch of the Foreign Minister’s Travel Insurance Buying Guide in October last year has shown ‘obvious changes’ to how consumers buy insurance. One month before... Read more

Ten reasons why travel can help you mend a broken heart

If you’ve recently had your heart broken, we’re sorry - admittedly, nothing we say or do will make you feel better. You’ve probably already tried the following things: ice cream, not eating for days, late-night phone calls, obsessive social media stalking and having a few too many beers. However, th... Read more

How to become a more responsible traveller

Ever heard the mantra ‘Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time’? It’s a famous adage because travel and tourism are taking their toll on the planet, and many people aren’t being as responsible as they should be during their travels. However, you don’t nee... Read more

Travel Blogger Interview with A Luxury Travel Blog

Paul Johnson is the travelling Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog, and also the Director at The Dedicated Partnership Ltd. which promotes tourism. A Luxury Travel Blog has been voted "one of the world's best travel blogs" and "best for luxury" by The Daily Telegraph and also voted #1 most influential tr... Read more

Travel Blogger Interview with The Poor Traveler

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are two newbie travelers who always find themselves getting ripped off, whose time is always wasted getting lost, and whose trips are always spoiled by the rain. They make mistakes, lots of them. But every trip is a lesson, and these lessons are what they share with the ... Read more

Travel Blogger Interview with Global Gallivanting

Anna Phipps, from the UK, has a serious case of travel addiction. She quit her job in December 2012 and has been travelling ever since and set up her blog Global Gallivanting to show others how affordable it is to do the same. Anna has inter railed around Europe, worked in an outback pub in Austral... Read more

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