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My Essential Pre-Trip To-Do List

In my early twenties I was invincible. When I travelled I was care-free and on occasion, don’t tell my mother, insurance free. These days, I wouldn’t jump on a domestic flight without insurance. Working in the travel insurance industry, I’ve had the benefit of learning not only from my own experien... Read more

The ten best-kept secrets of an awesome road trip

What makes the perfect road trip? Is it just luck - or is there a secret formula you can use to make the most of your journey? Road trips, like haircuts, don’t often go wrong - but when they do, it’s disastrous. We’ve often called up friends after they return from ‘the trip of a lifetime’ and asked... Read more

Cherry blossom season: How to plan your perfect trip to Japan

Are you heading to Japan for Sakura? 2016 cherry blossom season forecast dates have just been released by the Japan Weather Association. Based on their forecast, the season this year will begin around March 25th onwards. Japan has always been a hugely-popular destination for Aussies, especially duri... Read more

Travelling with your parents: How to stay sane during your trip

As a child, going on holiday with your parents was a relatively straightforward affair; they bought the trip and paid for everything, you went along and enjoyed yourself, and didn’t kick up too much of a fuss during dinner. There was a clear hierarchy, and as such, holidays were many things, but nev... Read more

Five things we wish we’d known before our first big trip overseas

We’re a big country. Scrap that - we’re a massive country. In fact, we’re such a sprawling, diverse, untameable and unforgettable country, you’d forgive most Aussies for ditching their passport and dedicating their travel time to getting to grips with Australia. However, as much as we love Down Unde... Read more

How to find your adventure

Superheroes wear capes and save the world from supervillains like Lex Luther and Dr Doom. At Columbus Direct we can’t help you to become a superhero but, we’d love to help you to become a different type of hero: a Travel Hero. Travel Heroes use their holidays to save the world from supervillains l... Read more

Ten things Aussies know about surviving in the wild

Let’s face it, many aspects of overseas travel are quite daunting for Aussie travellers. Navigating through crowds, figuring out transport networks in big cities or asking for directions in Spanish are experiences that really put us out of our comfort zone. However, if there’s one thing that comes n... Read more

Staying with friends and family while travelling - Great idea or asking for trouble?

If you’re doing a stint of globetrotting and you’re trying to save money, everyone comes to the same conclusion - they’ll save their pennies by staying with friends and family. You’ll save money on hotels, you’ll be around people you know, and you may even be able to squeeze in a few cheeky uses of ... Read more

The best nationalities to hang out with when you’re backpacking

Backpacking is a melting pot of opposites; it’s the most relaxing, tiring, inspiring, exhausting, awesome and frustrating time of your life. You have amazing adventures and find yourself in the occasional tight spot while feasting one day and being faced with nothing but crisps the next. You oversl... Read more

The World's Most Inspiring Travel Photography

Saint Augustine said; “the world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only a page”. Another famous travel quote states; “travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”. We could go on, but these are only words. Inspired yet? Maybe not. When it comes to travel, we agree more with Fre... Read more

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