By Editor on 07 April 2015

Will you be one of the 9.3 million Australians estimated to travel overseas in 2015? Consult this checklist and be a smart traveller.

Overseas travel is an exciting time for all involved. Before you depart, there's some practical items you should take care of. Follow this pre-flight checklist to ensure you get the most out of your holiday when you're away.


Our infographic also provides travel tips for when you reach your destination. Find out how to stay aware of your personal safety, security and health when abroad and as soon as you jump on the plane.

Information for this smart traveller infographic has used resources from Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade via their Smart Traveller website and other relevant sources.

The smart Australian traveller pre-flight checklist

Below is a breakdown of the infographic and some useful resources to consult before you leave Australia:

  • 9.3 million Australians are estimated to travel overseas in 2015. If you're interested to know more, check out this thorough PDF resource from Tourism Research Australia to find out more on the numbers and data.
  • Where are you travelling? The most popular travel destinations for Australians in order are New Zealand, Indonesia (Bali), USA, Thailand and the U.K.
  • Research your destination and check relevant DFAT travel advice / alerts for your destination country.
  • Book flights and accommodation in advance to save yourself more funds for your holiday!
  • Insure yourself and / or your family with travel insurance cover and be sure to check out what is covered and what isn't covered by your policy.
  • Be sure you are covered for these common travel insurance claims: Top 5 claims by Aussies are; medical expenses, lost or stolen cash, lost or damaged luggage, cancelled flights and travel delays.
  • 70% of all Australians said they would not leave the country without travel insurance. Smart thinking! Some potential reasons why it's better to be safe than sorry: the cost of a medical evacuation from Bali can cost up to $40,000 AUD. The same service in the USA can cost $100,000 AUD. Read more real life case studies of travel accidents here;
  • If you're pregnant, find out from your Doctor beforehand if it's safe to travel. Check your airline's policy on travel while pregnant and check out your pregnancy travel insurance options. Be aware of vaccination requirements for your destination and potential effects on long flights, such as increased risk of DVT.
  • When travelling overseas, you need a valid passport. Plus, some countries have visa requirements. If you are a dual national, check local info from the relevant embassy before you depart.
  • Organise your travel packing. If you are taking prescription medication, make sure you pack enough to travel with. Your medicine might not be readily available at your holiday destination.
  • Pack smart - don't make yourself a target for theft overseas by packing too much.
  • Sort your travel money. Tell your local Australian bank you are travelling overseas.
  • Make copies of your important documents - passport, visas, tickets, drivers license, insurance policy, etc. Leave copies with someone you can trust whilst away.
  • Be smart and stay healthy overseas. Check with your Doctor about health and vaccination requirements for your destination.
  • Always register travel plans with personal details at the official Australian DFAT website.

Stay tuned for part 2 - the smart traveller's guide to staying healthy, safe and aware when travelling overseas. You can also check out our Thailand travel guide for further tips and smart travel recommendations on one of Australia's most popular holiday destinations.

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