By Casey ONeill on 30 October 2017

Do you have a fairly decent understanding of travel insurance? Then you’re ahead of the pack. Recent studies have found that many travellers are lacking basic knowledge when it comes to travel insurance.

Here’s some examples: If you already know the importance of insuring each trip, then you’re ahead of the 31% of Aussies who went overseas without insurance in the last three years[1]. If you know how drinking alcohol can affect your cover, you’re doing better than a whopping 70% of Aussie travellers[2].

But exactly how smart a traveller are you? This new video series can help you find out…

We’ve teamed up with Student Edge to create #HolidayFails – a video series that follows the adventures (and misadventures) of five mates on a group trip to Thailand. Want to find out how much you know about travel insurance? Watch the series below, then visit our Travel Insurance 101 to check your knowledge.

Ready to find out how it should be done instead? Head over to our Travel Insurance 101 and learn how you can avoid these #HolidayFails of your own.

Know a traveller who could use a refresher on travel insurance? Why not share this with them? Maybe it will save them from a major holiday fail and hey, at very least they’ll learn to pack their undies in their own bag.



[1], page 15: 31% Have travelled uninsured within the past 3 years


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