By Trudi Mehew on 24 February 2015

If you’ve recently had your heart broken, we’re sorry - admittedly, nothing we say or do will make you feel better. You’ve probably already tried the following things: ice cream, not eating for days, late-night phone calls, obsessive social media stalking and having a few too many beers. However, there’s probably one antidote to heartbreak that’ll work if you’ve got the strength to try it, and that’s travel. Here are ten reasons why you should book that flight pronto...

You’ll be forced out of your comfort zone. You might think that moping around at home, logging onto Facebook every ten minutes and living off toast is helping, but it really isn’t. By packing up and flying away you’re deliberately giving yourself a change of scenery and re-entering the world of adulthood, where people do more than weep at unpredictable times and forget to wash.

Can’t sleep? No problem. If the thought of your ex is keeping you awake at night, our old friend jetlag will soon sort that out for you. After a flight to Europe via Bangkok, we don’t care how good looking they are - you’re going to want to sleep more than you want them back.

You’ll have to meet new people and stop pitying yourself. We don’t mean in a romantic way - although if you want to find someone new, this is a good way of getting things moving. What we’re talking about is pulling you out of your ‘This has never happened to anyone but me’ phase and getting you talking to people who have, funnily enough, had the same experience. Trust us - a month backpacking will introduce you to people from all walks of life and - get this - they’ve all had their hearts broken too.

Food will become fun again. We’re not forcing you to eat - but when you’re faced with loads of fun foods you’ve never tried before, we reckon living off just coffee and cigarettes is going to start to look a bit boring. Oh, go on - stop moping and have some churros.

Your online communications will be limited. You see, that’s the great thing about planes and places with no reception/wifi; you’ll be unable to get online and email inappropriate people at 3am. Travel will quite literally force you to live in the real world and interact with it. Plus, limiting your online access will cut down all that stalking you’ve been so fond of recently.

You’ll show your ex they didn’t win. Those of you with particularly hateful exes may have had the bottom hand if they’ve heard about the ‘moping around the house’ stage you were going through. This shows them that you’re back to normal, you’ve got your confidence back - and you’re out partying with a load of hot strangers in Berlin. Ker-ching.

You’ll (probably) lose a lot of weight. Oh, did we mention that travel and all its delights and frustrations often results in weight loss? It’s not guaranteed, but if you’re having a few issues culling that Ben & Jerry’s habit you’ve recently picked up, this is a surefire way of dropping a few pounds.

You’ll realise life on your own at home isn’t so bad. If you think sitting in your familiar flat in a familiar city with all your friends around you is still miserable when you’re single, try being out in Amsterdam at 5am, on your own, and losing your hotel key. You will very quickly pick up the true meaning of ‘cold and alone’. Travel will make you fiercely independent - a useful trick if you’re a little bit timid and shaken at the moment.

There’ll be no awkward exchanges at the supermarket. Flying thousands of miles away does seem like a great length to go to to avoid seeing your ex out and about, but the truth remains - if you’re that bothered about bumping into them, a spot of far-flung travel will reduce the chances of that down to 0%.

You won’t have time to mope. This reason needs no dressing up - with the exception of the flight, which may well involve a bit of wistful thinking, on the whole, you’ll be far too busy to think about your broken heart. We’re not saying that the minute you land you’ll be sorted - but getting away from it all will definitely help you get your life back on track.

Have you ever travelled with a broken heart? Did it help you get over your ex? Maybe you even met your special someone on the other side of the world? We'd lovel to hear your story. Share it with us on our Facebook page.

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