By Trudi Mehew on 23 February 2015

When you’re on the move and you get hungry, there’s nothing worse than stopping off at a garage and eventually picking up three chocolate bars in a panic, wolfing them down in a matter of minutes then hating yourself for the rest of the day.

There are so many delicious travel-friendly foods available, so the next time you hit the road, try some of these. In-flight meals will become a thing of the past once you take control - and we guarantee that you won’t look back...

Let’s start off with the humble nut. Cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts and peanuts are all winners - and they’ll fill you up no problem. They’re quite calorie-heavy, so don’t consume bags of them - a handful will suffice. Nuts fill you up because they’re rich in protein and ‘good’ fats, and they’re full of vitamins, too. Try to avoid salted nuts so you can keep your sodium levels looking healthy.

Maybe you’re allergic to nuts? No worries - create the perfect mini picnic by chopping up some carrots, red pepper and cucumber, and dipping them into a pot of hummus. This is the kind of snack that may need to be eaten sooner rather than later, especially if you’re somewhere without a fridge, but it’s so tasty you probably won’t be able to resist for long.

Try a few pieces of fruit. If you eat them slowly and chew properly, you’ll feel full and satisfied, due to the high fibre content of fruit. Berries and dried fruit work equally well - pop them into a pot of yoghurt for a little added oomph. Don’t forget the granola, if you have some handy.

Don’t underestimate the handy sandwich. Cheese and pickle, cheese and pickled onion, cheese and ham (notice the theme here?). A couple of rounds of sandwiches with a few salad leaves will fill you up, but take heed - if you add tomato, your sandwich will become soggy by the time you eat it. If you need a tomato hit, bring sliced tomatoes separately in some tupperware, or bring along a handful of cherry tomatoes. You won’t look back.

Salads don’t have to be terrifically messy affairs - why not grab a handful of spinach, add some cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, chopped up feta cheese and a chopped avocado? You’ve got a bona fide travel salad at your disposal - just be careful opening it if you’ve added lemon juice and oil as a dressing. Plus, an avocado by itself is a legitimate snack - just remember to bring along a spoon and a knife. Plastic, of course.

Pitta pockets are a great way of getting as much food as possible into a lovely, breaded holder - perfect when you’re on the move and pressed for time. To do this properly, find some pitta breads that will clearly withstand a stuffing, and add falafel, olives, hummus, harissa, sundried tomatoes and, if possible, some stuffed vine leaves. Squash down with your hand and away you go.

Finally, if you’re not keen on carb-loading and you could do with a cheese fix, why not bring along your own cheese platter? Plenty of cheeses can be cubed, sliced and torn into bite-sized pieces which can then be stashed in tupperware and then eaten as and when you fancy a piece of fromage. You could even add some sliced salami and olives if you were feeling a little bit fancy. Happy snacking!

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