By Cody Miller on 27 August 2015

Saint Augustine said; “the world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only a page”. Another famous travel quote states; “travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”. We could go on, but these are only words. Inspired yet? Maybe not.

When it comes to travel, we agree more with Frederick Barnard’s quote; “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, we reached out to some of the world’s most prolific travellers, bloggers and professional travel photographers.

We gathered, collated and now present to you some of their finest photography, from destinations all over the world. Neatly compiled in this post for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you get inspired to travel, from these stunning photographs and the people who took them. Pack your bags ladies and gentleman. It’s time. Time to travel.

Sailing Greenland

saling greenland travel photography

Photography by Daniel Kordan:

Daniel has been fascinated with photography since childhood, growing up in Moscow. As well as being a professional photographer, Daniel is a qualified optics physicist and graduate of art school. Daniel is the official Nikon ambassador for Russia and spends his time leading photography workshops through Norway, Tuscany, Russia and other parts of Europe.

Join Daniel's 125k Instagram followers here; @danielkordan

‘Time Stands Still’ – Petra, Jordan

inspiring travel photo of petra jordan

Professional travel photography by Elia Locardi:

Elia Locardi is an internationally recognised, professional travel photographer. Since March 2012, Elia and his wife live a completely mobile lifestyle, traveling worldwide from country to country.

Circulo de Bellas Artes - Madrid, Spain

most inspirational photo of madrid spain

Professional photography by Inma and Jose:

A World to Travel is a travel blog with a focus on Round the World experiences. We are a photography and travel writing team who deliver inspiring stories”.

Follow A World to Travel’s visual storytelling on Instagram; @aworldtotravel

The Mulia - Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia photography

Professional photography by Kirsten Alana:

Kirsten is a professional photographer, speaker and content creator. A former nomad, Kirsten says; “travel is one of the most transformative things a person can do to better their own lives and ultimately, the lives of others”.  

Follow Kirsten on Instagram; @kirstenalana

Pirate’s Bay - Trinidad & Tobago

trinidad and tobago travel photo

Photo by João Leitão:

“I love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live great experiences”. Get inspired by João on Facebook;

Tuckaway Farm - Oregon, USA

night photography oregon usa

Photography by Adam McKibben:

What Adam likes; “Telling stories and inspiring others to live the life they choose. Have camera, will travel”. See more of Adam’s adventures on Instagram; @adammckibben

‘Newly Weds’ – Havana, Cuba

wedding in havana cuba

Travel photograph by Marek Bron:

To me travel isn't just about relaxing or being on a holiday; it's also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone”.

Follow Marek’s adventures;

‘Journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp’ - Nepal

travel to mt everest basecamp

Photo by Clint Johnston:

“I started Triphackr to share the tips and travel hacks I have learned from years of traveling. I fly for free, never pay full price, and always get the most out of my hard earned days off traveling”.

Follow Clint’s travel hacks;

Cappadocia - Turkey

cappadocia turkey balloons travel photo

Photograph by Nicola Easterby:

Nicola is a “21 year-old Aussie with an addiction to taking photos, adrenaline rushes, drinking tea and going on wild adventures”. Nicola has been to 24 countries and her list of travel destinations is growing quickly.

Follow Nicola; @polkadotpassport

Sua Trench – Upolu, Samoa

upolu samoa travel photo

Photo by Jane Guy:

Jane is originally from the U.K and arrived in New Zealand 9 years ago. Her blog celebrates all things Queenstown / Central Otago and “loves, lives, breathes” the area and further afield. 

Follow on Instagram; @queenstownlife

‘Sunrise over Niagara Falls’ - Canada

niagara falls sunrise

Photograph taken by Deb & Dave:

Over the past 6 years we have proven that you don’t have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra-rich to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire”.

More travel goodness from The Planet D;

White Pocket - Arizona, USA

arizona night sky photography

Professional photography by Jason Speth:

Jason Speth is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles. He holds a B.A in photojournalism from the Brooker Institute of Photography.

Follow Jason’s travel and lifestyle photography on Instagram; @jasonspethphoto

‘Lost In the Green’ - Kerala, India

kerala india photography

Photography by Arnab Maity:

“In 2009, I went on a motorcycle trip to Bhutan which became a life-altering experience for me. I realised, all I wanted to do is explore and discover the treasures of this planet in its people, cultures and elements of nature”.

Like Arnab’s photographic treasures here;

Carousel - Trieste, Italy

travel photo of trieste italy

Travel photo by Noel Morata:

Noel is a freelance photographer, writer and artist who lives in Hawaii as well as San Francisco. “I’ve always loved traveling and experiencing something totally different...I always look outside of the capture just the right essence of the place and what I’m experiencing”.

Like Noel’s photography:

‘Foamy Beach’ - Karamea, New Zealand

foamy beach karamea new zealand

Travel photography by Laurence Norah:


Laurence and Jessica are the people behind, one of the world’s most popular travel blogs. The site has been featured on National Geographic, CNN and USA Today. See more of their beautiful photography in; 17 spectacular photos from around the world.

Pacific City - USA

mt hood oregon usa night photography

Proxy Falls – USA

proxy falls usa inspirational photo

Mt Hood – Oregon, USA

pacific city travel photograph

Photography by Andrew Studer, a 20 year old outdoor adventure photographer based in Portland, Oregon. See more of his work here; @studercinema 

(Thanks Andrew for allowing us to share more than 1 of your inspiring travel photos).

The Kimberley – Australia

kimberley australia travel photography

Photograph approved by:

Celebrating all things the Kimberley, of north Western Australia. Follow stunning pictures of this unique region on Instagram; @thekimberleyaustralia

Prague - Czech Republic

beautiful prague photo czech republic

Photography by Carey Carpenter:

Carey is a self-confessed travel addict and hopes to inspire people “to travel more, or just do what they love”. She encourages her followers to “step into my office…the world”.

Follow Carey on Instagram; @carebearabroad  Watch Carey’s travel videos on YouTube.


Disclaimer: Thanks to all the people who helped make this piece possible. All photographs are used with full permission and credit was provided with direction from the photographers. (Google Images is cool, but credit is cooler).

Overlayed cover image provided with permission by Dulce Rodriguez; ‘Sunset over La Paz’, Mexico.

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