By Vicky Anscombe on 18 May 2016

After five weeks, nearly 100 entries and lots of wonderful comments, our Travel Moments Competition has ended. And what a wild ride it’s been.

We’ve had entries from all over the world, and we’ve been lucky enough to see your most memorable holiday snaps. From leaping into rock pools to relaxing in spas, climbing sand dunes and exploring glaciers, you guys have certainly had some wild times.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered – it was great to see your best snaps, and we’ve loved saying hello to our new Facebook friends!

The two winners have been picked – so, without further ado, we’d like to congratulate Timothy Tan and Rita Maguire. Timothy’s picture of him posing with a quokka (our header image) was incredibly cute and won over the judges. The picture came with a clever little poem:

Have a tale to tell ya

Met a local from Western Australia

a curious and jolly fella'

who loves to take a selfie

and goes by the name of Quokka

Timothy has won our first prize: a GoPro Hero Action camera. Well done, Timothy!

Rita’s dazzling ‘sea snake snap’ (which you can see below) had a hidden twist, and over 100 people liked her entry. Rita has won a FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 camera bundle. Congratulations Rita! Both winners have also been sent a set of idtagit tags to keep their new cameras safe.

Rita's winning sea snake snap

We've asked both Timothy and Rita to share some details about their winning moments:

Columbus: Timothy, can you tell us a bit more about your winning photo?

Timothy: I took this quokka selfie on a recent trip to Perth after taking the ferry trip over to Rottnest Island. You can find them all over the island and is definitely one to add to the itinerary if you are ever visiting Perth, WA.

Columbus: The quokka looks remarkably unfazed by your presence. How did you manage to get so close?

Timothy: While some may confuse them as being a mouse, they are actually a marsupial. They are naturally very curious which is why I was able to get up close to them. If you're brave you can try feed them some leaves or a drink of water to get them ready for your happy snap.

Columbus: What kind of videos will you be taking with your new GoPro? Will you be attempting any more wildlife shots?

Timothy: I'm looking forward to bringing my new GoPro with me on my future travels, especially on some underwater adventures and a few time-lapse videos.

Columbus: Rita, you shared the water with a sea snake! Did you feel pretty exhilarated afterwards?

Rita: I was shocked when I found out later, but I suppose you can't dwell on the fact. The whole experience was exhilarating.

Columbus: Would you go back to Noumea? It looks like you had a great time!

Rita: I'd like to tour more of the interior as we spent most of our time on a resort island off the coast of Noumea. The location, accommodation, food and service was exceptional. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Columbus: Finally, did your experience encourage you to try scuba diving, so you could get even closer to the wildlife?

Rita: As we are an older couple, we will leave the scuba diving to the young ones. It was a pristine, marine conservation site and the snorkelling was a fabulous experience. You could also observe the marine environment through your bathroom window which was a unique experience!

Rita and Timothy’s images won our hearts, but the Columbus Direct team had plenty of other favourites (which you can all see on our Facebook page).

Michael's Stunning Wedding Picture

Michael Tower: Your wedding day picture on the Gold Coast’s Mount Tamborine (above) was simply stunning. We loved how the setting sun infused the whole image with gold, and how your wife’s wedding dress was lifted slightly by the breeze. Gorgeous. Rachel Harnay: Who was it who said that ‘rain stops play’? Your super-muddy pic of you and your friends having fun at Sziget Festival proves that a good attitude is everything! Angela Hogan: Those penguins (below) are just adorable! They look like they’re singing – well done for managing to take such a heart-warming picture.

Angela's Penguin Trio

If you've missed out on the fun and want to see all the entries, head on over to our Facebook page and scroll down to the Travel Moments Competition post.

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