Ready for a backpacking adventure?

We’ve all been there… you’re sitting at your desk (work / school / uni) thinking, “I really need to get out of here”. You start thinking about what life should be like and daydream about faraway places. Maybe you browse a few travel sites and inspirational blog articles on how to make life more fulfilling. Most people leave it there and go back to the 9-5 routine or hope that a weekend getaway will fix it. Not you. You’re walking the walk. You’re off! Well done, we’re excited for you.


Prep work and things to consider

The most important hurdle – making the decision to ACTUALLY GO – is already taken. You know, at least roughly, when you want to leave and where you want to travel to. Now it’s all about getting ready for departure. Most of the travel planning is great fun and gets your anticipation going. But there’s also a serious side to a going on a big adventure. You want to have your finances straight and be prepared for when things don’t go according to plan. And the longer your trip, the higher the chances that something unexpected throws you off your path.

Don’t get us wrong, surprise events are half the fun of travelling and you wouldn’t be a true backpacker if you didn’t put a positive spin on the craziest of situations. In fact, helping you be able to put a positive spin on things is exactly what we’re here for.

Here’s an Example: Say (and let’s hope not), you have a scooter accident in Thailand and fracture your ankle. Scary situation indeed. Now having someone you can rely on to sort out a good hospital for you and pay for the cost to re-book your flight to Vietnam will help you focus on recovering. Plus, with up to $100 hospital cash allowance per day you can pay for the expensive Wi-Fi plus get a round of coconut waters for you and your new friends at the hospital. That’s what we call putting a positive spin on things.

Does cheap equal good value?

There’s a lot of very cheap ‘basic’ backpacker insurance policies out there and we understand that every dollar saved on travel insurance is a dollar more to spend on street food, hostel upgrades, bike hire, parties etc. But think for a moment about why you are getting travel insurance for your trip. It’s not just a piece of paper or a formality. It’s a safety net for you in situations where you really need help you can count on. Your stories and memories will be the most valuable things you’ll get out of travelling. Let us help you make them great ones.

What you will get with us:

  • 19 days money-back guarantee to decide if the cover is right for you (provided you haven't claimed, haven't started your trip and you tell us in writing that you want to cancel your policy)
  • The same quality cover as you'd get with our travel insurance for shorter trips, including up to $25 million for overseas Medical Expenses
  • Taking an expensive camera or laptop? We cover these items up to $3,000 FREE. You don’t even need to list them when you take out your policy
  • If you’re travelling with a buddy and are insured on the same policy, you’ll both get an automatic discount
  • Into sports? We cover over 30 sports and activities FREE, plus lots more with our Adventure and Winter Sports options.
  • Our cover includes $4,000 - $5,000 rental vehicle excess waiver as standard. Very handy for spontaneous road trips and van tours!

Want a quote?

Please note that the benefits we’ve listed below are just a summary – to really understand what you’re covered for it’s important that you read our full policy wording including terms, conditions and exclusions.

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Why Columbus Direct?

  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance helpline
  • Sydney Customer Care Team
  • 19 day money back guarantee*
  • No credit card surcharge
  • Secure online purchase process

*Provided you haven't travelled or claimed.

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